February 22, 2009


Ok, so I've been a mom for almost 4 years now. You'd think I would have learned that when there is too much silence, a mess is usually being made somewhere in the house. It happened this morning when Finn sprinkled dried Play-dough pieces all over the playroom floor. Then, it happened about an hour ago. I was processing some photos, and not thinking anything of the fact that neither Finn nor Spencer were asking me for a snack/drink of water/etc. After a while, Finn comes into my office to ask me a question. His face is black with dirt. I go into the living room, and this is what I find...

It seems they've turned the pot of the plant into a construction site/garden. I can't wait for summer to arrive, then at least they'll be able to play in the sandbox!


Bettina 6:18 p.m.  

OMG - creative I must say!

MichelesDigiDesign 7:19 p.m.  

That is soooo funny....they're all the same. Quiet is not good!

Mara 9:17 p.m.  

LOL sorry but you have to admit that is absolutely priceless and so precious. :-)

tconlan 9:23 p.m.  

Wow, talk about a picture worth a 1000 words! this is priceless!!! Silence, is not golden when you're a parent with little ones! LOL!

Meghan Rickard 1:20 a.m.  

Same here with the quiet means trouble.... Like tonight! I found Derik plunging the toilet :)

Annie 10:53 a.m.  

So precious! I know what you mean about the silence not necessarily being a good thing when you've got little ones running around! Love how creative they were. :)

Natalie 2:27 p.m.  

Oh. Wow. Oh wow.

I'm laughing... it's not really funny, is it? Better your plant than mine!


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